Monday, August 5, 2013

Where Love Is

Where love is, there God is also.  Where love is, we want to be.

Fredericton is definitely where we can feel the love and there is no place we would rather be. We love the people we have met and the experiences we are having.

Tree Go was one of the best youth activities ever! It is an amazing course of zip lines and rope swings, tight ropes, and ladders that is so much fun and high-energy exercise. (Very sad we have no photos to share, but Norma vows to return!!) Check out the link below.

 We always have to share a food experience. Below we have poutine, an artery-clogging combination of fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Tastes better than it sounds, but we better not make it a habit.
This is donair, a smoked roasted meat they put on pizza, sandwiches, and anything else they can think of. Very good.

We now have Sisters Rust and Sandberg, wonderful missionaries and hard workers.

Elder Evanson joined Elder Gross. Here they are baking cookies and Elder G. sampled raw cookie dough for the first time. Where has this young man been all his life???

The comfort of loving arms around us,

We had a wonderful time at the senior missionary conference the first part of July. It was inspiring to be encircled in the warmth and spirit of these amazing missionaries and President and Sister Leavitt. We had training, way too much to eat, a temple session almost to ourselves, and even a tattoo!! (That's a beautiful presentation with pageantry and every type of music and dance. The best thing you might compare it to is opening ceremonies for the Olympics.  Sorry, but no new ink for us.) We also went to a mission concert in Bridgewater one night. Unfortunately, I didn't get any good photos.

We were thrilled to have some loving arms from home around us when the Rice family came to Canada and met us for lunch and a little sightseeing.

Sharing news and the buffet at Pizza Delight with the Rice family from Hunter 12th Ward!!

Getting some Canadian-style history at Fort Beausejour--cannons in the background.

A song that makes us want to sing,

Maritime music continues to bless us. We just did a program with ward members for a local nursing home that we hope will be the first of many. We went to famous Prince Edward Island to see the musical, "Anne of Green Gables," and......the Phantom got a mask!

Show us the way and guide us tenderly

Our sweet Julie Goguen followed the Savior's way and chose to be baptized on July 27. What a choice spirit we were privileged to teach. What a tender, beautiful day!

Jared Hunt baptized Julie Goguen

Jean-Marie and Anne-Marie Goguen, Jared, Julie, E & S Hendrickson

Cake purchased by Julie's sweet and devout Catholic parents--so supportive!

That we may dwell with Him eternally

Just one week after the baptism, we got to take Julie to the Halifax Temple to do baptisms for the dead. It was a sacred day spent with Jared & Julie and Barry & Louise Hatt, who also attended her lessons when she accepted the Gospel. She bore her testimony the next day in fast meeting. If we do nothing else the entire time we are here, this experience will be worth every second and every penny devoted to our mission. We are so blessed!!

Julie and Jared at the temple:  a preview of things to come!
No place closer to heaven than the temple