Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sweet is the Work

Sweet is the Work, my God, my King,

Sweet! Elder Evanson shares his Skor cake. His favorite (only) birthday in the field.

Sweet! (President Leavitt loves that phrase). The Sisters and Elders also did a great youth activity that night with a Flight through Eternity dramatization of the Plan of Salvation. They worked very hard and the youth loved it. We got video, but no photos. Oops.

No photo again, but it was sweet to celebrate our wedding anniversary here and to be serving as missionary companions. We had a wonderful meal at The Palate restaurant in downtown Fredericton.

Our work was also sweetened by the addition of Brother and Sister Sterner who have been called as ward missionaries. Their hard work, experience, and positive attitude have blessed the entire ward.

Tom & Peggy Sterner

Sweet Savings at Frenchy's. Julie's mom, Anne-Marie, took us on a shopping expedition to this "French Boutique." They had the most amazing bargains on quality clothing.

So many clothes, so little time

We were exhausted, but we had to buy a carful

To praise thy name, give thanks and sing,

 We give thanks for two more converts:  Cassie Ritchie and Lauren Hartinger were both baptized this month. Cassie was baptized at beautiful Kilarney Lake and Elders Willoughby and Collett got to attend Lauren's baptism via Skype. These two beautiful women are a great addition to our ward. With other college students returning this fall, we will have quite an impressive YSA group. We hope to get some impressive photos to go along with them.

Most of the month was consumed by the Orange Blossom Special Concerts in Moncton (August 10) and here on August 24. This was a benefit for the Fredericton Food Bank and we worked together for the community. We had many friends not of our faith who attended. They seemed to feel the Spirit through the music and messages. We tried everything from yard signs to newspaper and radio. We (members and missionaries) passed out nearly 2,000 invitations. It was fun to host the performing missionaries at our ward and to have Elder & Sister Call stay at our simple "Bed and Breakfast." We even found ingredients and introduced our visitors to lemon water.

Poster by Gary Jeffersson, a local artist

Sign designed by Andrea Mattice, a ward member

 We got an update on the String Sisters. Vivian, new to our blog,  is the cello played in the concerts by Elder Woodward. He states she is the only girl who will wait for him and they have been together for several years. Chelsi travels around Halifax helping with programs for church and local nursing homes with Sister Lee.  Violet continues to tour and perform with Sister Echols. Veone is "waiting" for Elder Waldie while he performs with Elder Call's beautiful viola without a name.

Elder Woodward in Moncton with Vivian
Elder Hawkes dons the Phantom's mask in Fredericton

To show thy love by morning light,

We finally stopped threatening and did a little sightseeing and took some photos in our beautiful city by morning light.

Elder H in his Canadian hat in the guard shack. We got videos of the changing of the guard, but no photos

And talk of all they truths at night

The amazing Sister Kadisch hosted us at her home/farm/garden for an afternoon and evening of talk and fun. We are hoping to share the truth of the gospel with some of those wonderful people.
Sister Kadisch proving that she does occasionally rest
Some of her friends and neighbors

Oh, may my heart in tune be found,
Like David's harp of solemn sound!

Sweet is the work if our hearts are open and in tune.