Sunday, October 6, 2013

I am a Rock; I am an Island

"Some Shocking Good" on the Rock

"Some Shocking Good" is President Leavitt's favorite song from Newfoundland, also called The Rock. We had a wonderful time there September 13-16. The Orange Blossom Tour steamed into Carbonear for a performance at the beautiful Princess Sheila NaGeira Theatre (that's how they spell it here), a benefit for the local food bank. Saturday we attended zone training and district conference meetings. That night there was a talent show in St. John's featuring local talent--it was "Some Shocking Good"--and some of the numbers from the concert. Sunday we sang and enjoyed district conference and another over-the-top meal with the saints.  Monday we squeezed in a little sight seeing when the rain stopped for a bit.

The Tiffanys, Wiebes, Tibbitts and President and Sister Robinson also made the trip. Elder Wiebe did lots of free shuttles for those of us without wheels. Sister Leavitt did district training for all the auxiliaries. The Noftles organized the events in St. John's. We met two new missionary couples who will serve in Newfoundland; we look forward to knowing them. 

Elder Clark, Elder & Sis Call, ready for take off with us
Rare shot of Sisters Call and Davis sitting down. Sister Davis organized events at Carbonear
Sister Calvert's Swan Song after serving well as the President's Executive Secretary

Our superstars got a dressing room and lighted mirrors at the theatre

Sister Broadhead took this reflective picture of Sister Laxton

Elder Call, our concert master

Elder Nzojibwami and President Leavitt, the Masters of Ceremonies
Our generous and cheerful taxi service:  Elders Lybbert & Dupin
From Signal Hill near St. John's a stunning view of the "rock"
St. John's Harbour

Prince Edward Island, an "Isle in the Water"

PEI, of "Anne of Green Gables" fame, was a wonderful Island getaway September 28-29. The locals had conjured up some magic to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the church in Montague. The missionaries and local leaders had dived right in to offer an open house at the church, the Orange Blossom concert at the local high school with great community involvement and benefit, and Sunday meetings with lots of fellowship and food.

In addition, Elder Call found another Bed and Breakfast in Montague with delightful surroundings and hosts, Richard and Janice Knox. Richard helped with the cake auction during the concert which raised $800 for a local organization, Inclusions East. I met a kindred spirit friend, Blanche Moyaert, who attended the concert and enjoyed it so much she joined us for our meeting block and linger longer on Sunday.

We got tickets for October 10. Elder H is reflected in the window

Elder Hawkes eating his cooking before his last concert. He is going to Newfoundland.
Cake Auctioneer and Richard Knox at the cake auction

Sisters Drew, Broadhead, and Comfort singing for joy
Knox Dam B & B
B & B gardens
String Sisters at the B & B
Great display at church open house by Sisters Starkie and Wilkinson

MTC reunion with Sisters Echols, Laxton, & Starkie

Foot "notes"

Our new member, Julie Goguen, is officially engaged to Jared Hunt and planning a summer wedding in the Halifax Temple. We hit a coyote with our car when we picked Jared up from the airport on Labor Day. Minimal damage, maximum shock. Sister H also saw a moose wandering around the area on her way home from exercising. It was during the moose hunt, so maybe it was hiding out.

Our daughter Heather and her family are driving from Boston as I write. Very exciting!

How we love this work and the Savior. Conference was wonderful this weekend.