Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Homeward Bound - October 20-26

Homeward bound,
Home where my thought's escaping,
Home where my music's playing,
Home where my FAMILY'S waiting
(Not so) Silently for me.

Sunday:  Manida and Camelle Curries got this photo of us driving down Smythe Street in Fredericton for the last time. Love it, love them, love Fredericton.

Monday:  We are in the US! How fitting that we got to see Sisters Pierce and Starkie. We picked up Sister Pierce at the airport when she arrived and Sister Starkie (Sparklie) was in the MTC with us. They had our little travel phone up and running for us now that we are leaving the mission phone behind.

Two of the three String Sisters, Veone and Violet, are homeward bound with us. Tonight they are staying in style. 

Tuesday:  Loved the leaves, the birthplace of Joseph Smith, and a fun little sugar house restaurant where they make fresh Vermont maple syrup. Kind of felt like Canada.

Wednesday:   Loved having the Sacred Grove all to ourselves. It always feels like being in the temple. Also walked up Hill Cumorah to the Angel Moroni Statue. 
Thursday:  Long day of driving over lots of flat country, but still some fall colors. A nice time to visit, plan, and count our many blessings. Stayed in Lincoln, Nebraska. 
Friday:  Look who we found in Laramie!  Elder Tyler Skinny Skinner and his fiance, Morgan Muchmore. Had a great dinner with them at Born in the Barn. We are so happy for them.

Saturday:  Last night on the road in Steamboat Springs. Kind of reminds us of Park City. Went to Fish Creek Falls and found authentic Mexican food!  Stayed at the Worldmark resort and it was nice.  Too bad we didn't spend much time there.  Tomorrow, tomorrow, we love you tomorrow!  Home is only a day away!


Farewell dinner at the mission home.

Hello, Utah!

Sunday:  Made it to Heber in time to surprise Gracie for her last Primary Program. Heather then whipped up some t-shirts for us to wear to Neve's 6th birthday/Halloween party.  She transferred  a note Neve sent us that said, "Grandpa & Grandma, I'll see you when I'm 6."  We waited at the church until the coast was clear and then walked into Dave's backyard and waited until the grandkids noticed we were there.  Later that night we had our release interview with President Gifford and reluctantly took off our missionary tags.  So ends this choice chapter of our life as full-time misssionaries.

We love and will miss the Canada Halifax Mission, but...

There's no place like home! 

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