Wednesday, November 19, 2014

O Home Beloved

November 19, 2014

O Home Beloved

O home belov'd, where'er I wander, On foreign land or distant sea,
As time rolls by, my heart grows fonder And yearns more lovingly for thee!
Tho fair be nature's scenes around me, And friends are ever kind and true,
Tho joyous mirth and song surround me, My heart, my soul still yearn for you.

The flow'rs around me may be fairer Than those that bloom upon thy hills;
The streams, great, mighty treasure bearers, More noted may be than thy rills.
No world renown my humble village Like these great towns may proudly claim;
Yet my fond heart doth thrill with rapture When e'er I hear thy humble name.

Ye valleys fair and snow-capped mountains, Ye peaceful hamlets 'mid the trees,
Ye murm'ring stream and crystal fountains, Kissed by the cool, soft, balmy breeze,
Words cannot tell how well I love thee Nor speak my longing when I roam.
My heart alone can cry to heaven, "God bless my own dear mountain home."

We love being home and especially spending time with our family and friends. It's good to be in the valley of the mountains with a different, but very real, beauty from Atlantic Canada.

Kylee was baptized and Sophie was blessed the first Saturday we were home. So glad they waited for us and grateful for another day of family togetherness.

We spoke in church on November 9 and were so happy to have so many friends and family members join us at church and at our home after the meeting. Elder Hunt came and played the violin, but had to rush off to two other meetings so we didn't get a photo. We did get to meet his beautiful fiancé, Erika, though.

Landon Clyde at the luncheon after our homecoming talks. Gracie Nicole, Halle Jean, Samuel Alan, Mason Eric, Neve Avery, Kylee Jo, and Sophie Veone were there too, but must have been playing or asleep. 

Ella Grace

Caden Lucas

Logan David & Dallin James

Noah Brent, Liz and Abby Elizabeth
Sister Amber Lewis & her mom surprised us by dropping by.


Christy, Janet, Brad and Heidi. Life of the party.

Shirlee & Roger Hendrickson, our much-admired relatives.


Shelley & Randy Childs, friends from high school and college. 

The Tibbitts and Tiffanys and Sister Echols were welcome guests, along with Sister Gochnour's mom & siblings.



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  1. Sad we missed it! My mom said it was a awesome meeting. Welcome home :) I can't wait to see you! We're going to be home in a few short weeks - we must see you and you have to meet Harvey!