Monday, November 17, 2014

Shining Moments in Dartmouth - October 17

Note:  I didn't have access to update the blog, so I sent this post out as an e-mail in October, but it is dated November when I added it to the blog.
We had many final shining moments in Dartmouth. Here are a few photos, but there are still people and events we missed.
This is one of the many beautiful photos from David Keddy, a photographer/musician/new friend Sister H met on her final walk at Lake Banook. We have been able to share some Gospel truths with him and we both believe God helped our paths to cross that fall morning.

The gloves that match our socks that match our Hudson Bay Point Blanket, generous gifts from President & Sister Leavitt at our Canadian Thanksgiving dinner/farewell at the mission home.

A demonstration of the pink iPad in action with the MPW.

Some of the wonderful metro missionaries who came to the open house at the office on our last Monday--the real Canadian Thanksgiving. Love them all so much!

The senior office missionaries:  Elder & Sister Harding who are taking over for 3 couples, Brother & Sister Green from our Dartmouth Ward who are doing supplies and helping with cars. Not pictured are President & Sister Wentzell who have jumped in to take care of the mission vehicles. We know of no better group of missionaries.

JJ Choo, my friend and hair stylist, on our last Sunday in Dartmouth by the Halifax Temple.

Big night out at McDonald's with Brandy Eele and her cute kids that we are going to miss so much.

Delly & Linda Trembley, some of the first members we met here who cooked us a wonderful farewell dinner and made beautiful gifts to remember them by.

Aubrey & Thelma Fielden stopped by the office to bring her famous salsa and a recipe for he strawberry jam. How we hope to someday be anything that resembles these two wonderful Canadian pioneers.

Terrible picture of a wonderful evening with a delicious Italian dinner and more lovingly-made gifts for us. These are two more of the stalwart pioneers in Dartmouth.

Elders Steimle and Watson and Sister Brown, the office missionaries as we were leaving.

Selfie with our beloved Sisters Turner & Howell...on the iPad of course.
Final view of the mission home. So many wonderful memories with the Leavitts and all the other missionaries here.

The President's Assistants, Elders Torrie & Jason, who assist with just about everything in the mission.

In short, it would be very hard to IMPROVE THE SHINING MOMENTS in our last bittersweet days in Dartmouth.


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